Jab or No Jab

Well isn’t that the dilemma these days!  If you listen to any news or major social media, I’m sure you can agree, that it’s 100% pro-jab.  I find this all too much and have recently found I cannot watch the news or scroll through FB as it just seems WAY too one-sided for my liking.  No, I’m not an anti-vaxxer (which remember, what’s being offered isn’t even a v@ccine), but I’m pro choice… this doesn’t seem to be an option out there these days… or at least in Ontario, Canada where I reside.  Sometimes I forget where we live… like freedom of choice is being deemed as ‘irresponsible’.  Where in my eyes, the fact that mainstream media & our govenment is not giving all of the information around these jabs… that to me is irresponsible.  If you read through the information from each of these pharmaceutical companies, the adverse reactions and who and who shouldn’t be in this TRIAL, are indicated, yet none of this is being communicated to the individuals being jab’d, or who are being encouraged to be jab’d… yet some of these people are the very population that this is contraindicated by in this literature.  I believe Dr. Ardis mentioned that Pf…r alone, has listed 110 major adverse reactions that are a possibility from their jab… have you heard anyone rhyme these off when they went to get jab’d… or have you heard any of this on your daily news, or news feed??

I was listening to Dr. Ardis on a podcast today, and he was mentioning that only 1% of adverse reactions are being reported in the US… I’m not sure if there’s even that number being reported here in Canada.  So, when you look at those stats (VAERS for the US), you should be adding 2 x 0’s onto that number… now think about the number of adverse reactions, including death from all four different jabs that are offered.

I think my main issue, or I feel like it’s my main ‘upset’, as this is truly upsetting to me, is that we’re only hearing one side of this, so the masses are running out to get themselves and their children (a whole other story there!) jab’d when they don’t even understand, or know, the consequences of this.  And there are a lot of consequences… like 110 just from the Pf…r one.  And who knows what will happen 5, 10, 15… years down the road.  These masses are under the assumption that this is the ‘end all’ of C-19… where it’s not, and the pharmaceutical companies are not saying this either… the media/government has blown this up that this is the ultimate solution and  the ‘shame on you’ mentality if you don’t follow suit.

Which brings another burr in my ass… this still comes down to being a TRIAL… no one can force you to join a trial.  Yes, if you have, or planning on being, jab’d by this, you are one of the guinea pigs for this trial.  Do you typically participate in prescription trials and abuse your body for such things??… or your child’s??..  You know we have an immune system that is capable of beating this, right?  How about supporting that wonderful thing that we were born with… feed it whole clean foods, don’t abuse it with ‘franken’foods.  Maybe that’s worth repeating… we have an immune system!!  And guess what, it’s been working since you were born to fight colds, flus, various viruses and bacteria, and most times, it does a really good job.  I realize some people have succumbed to this virus, and I’m sad for that, but more people have succumbed from the flu each year, but that isn’t being represented or even discussed these days.  Apparently people don’t get the ‘normal flu’ anymore… they only get C-19.

I could go on and on, and obviously everyone has the right to make their own choice… just please make an informed choice… read, dig into literature, read the entirety of the pharmaceutical’s jab info.. before you make this decision for yourself and your family.

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