About Me

I’m Josephine Burrows, not an official Paleo Officer, but I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Nutritional Coach with certifications in Eat To Perform, Paleo, Ketogenic and Carnivore Coaching with additional certification in hormone health/DUTCH and therapeutic ketogenic diets (Oncology Nutrition Institute) for disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS/MS, Cancer and Severe Auto Immune/Inflammatory Issues. I have recently completed the Terrain Advocacy Certification, taught by Dr. Nasha Winters, that will enhance my knowledge to work with families in the midst of the cancering process. This will allow me to be their Advocate (and Nutritionist) they need to navigate through ALL aspects of life and bridging western medicine with alternative treatments.

I am also a CF Level 1 Coach and Strength Coach, in which I operate a small gym and holistic coaching centre from my property. On the homefront, I have a husband, 3 boys and 2 dogs that keep me hopping. I find that I balance this all with a healthy diet, exercise, time in nature and some vacation time…all things that keep me happy and healthy!

My Story

I have always been intrigued with the medical field, hence why I went to Nursing school in my 20’s, but if I were to re-do it all, I’d go into Naturopathic or Functional Medicine. Living in British Columbia through my 20’s helped nurture my intrigue with over-all health using natural methods. I’m not against medical services, they have their time and place, but I think we can all benefit from looking back to the basics of food as medicine and pair the two realms for better outcomes. I realized I needed to know more, so I completed my Registered Holistic Nutrition Diploma at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) 15 years ago and I haven’t stopped since (see below for my certifications/diplomas). I thrive on learning new things every day and I delve into the research and other opinions, while implementing some of these new learnings & techniques on myself, family & friends, before I venture out and implement them with my clients.

I have a strong background and belief in using ancestral methods for not only diet, but for lifestyle as well. I am committed to the fact that REAL food and movement keep us healthy. Most diseases stem from inflammation created by our environment…be it our food, air, drinking water, exposure to toxins/chemicals, negative relationships…so why not go back to basics and improve our health, with quality. As far as movement goes, I suggest everyone does something…it can be as little as a walk down the street, to yoga, to strength training in the gym. It doesn’t matter your age or state of health, there’s always some form of activity to implement. This has also been proven to improve our mental well-being, something we can all benefit from.

Meet the Team

My team…well that would be myself, my surrounding relationships and my clients. I team up with my clients in order to work together on what is best for you (or your loved one). It is important that you are involved with your health and together we come up with a protocol to optimize your health. I use the road to health as a starting point with all of my clients. We assess where you currently exist on the road and we make changes and improvements to get you moving to your destination of HEALTH.