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Welcome to Foods2Fit: Optimum Nutrition for Your Needs

Welcome to Foods2Fit: Optimum Nutrition for Your Needs

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Josephine Burrows

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Functional Nutritionist, 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach and a Certified Keto Coach.  I also hold certifications in the Paleo Diet, Eat To Perform and  additional education & experience with hormone balance and paediatric nutrition.  I'm also a CrossFit coach who runs a CrossFit-Method Training gym, X.Fit Junction, at my home with another trainer.  I live with my husband, 3 boys and 2 dogs, that keep me on my toes every day.  I have learned over the years that a good diet, along with some fun,  exercise and some down time are key to balancing a busy life in today's world. 

Your Health & Wellness Do Matter

I endeavour to look at your current state of health, including your diet, exercise & lifestyle routine, and I will device a plan to optimize all of these aspects to advance your state of health and well-being for now, and the future.  Each of these components intertwine and working on all of them, will result in a greater you.


More About X.Fit Junction

Ancestral Methods

I do promote ancestral methods towards achieving health and well-being for several reasons.  It's anti-inflammatory, it's energizing, well-balanced and ultimately... because it works. Every disease stems from inflammation, so  taking that away will benefit you in every aspect of your life.  Everyone is unique, so I look at what works for you.  I've been following and studying these methods for over a decade now and the results are outstanding.  The proof is in the chocolate avocado pudding!

i look at all aspects of health



I have to say this is probably my favourite subject!  I could talk food all day long, but I'll try to keep this short...I promise.  I am passionate about our daily diet being around whole foods.  (And before I go further, I refer to diet as what we eat at each meal, not as in a 'fad diet' where we're restricting calories.)  I can't say enough of about sourcing most, if not all, of your food locally.  Research what Farmer's Markets and CSA Farms are in your area, or contact me and I can hook you up with some.  Food is the basis of your health.  It comes down to the old saying 'You are what you eat'.  Literally every cell in our body is made up from elements of our food, so healthy food=healthy cells.  I can help you navigate through grocery stores, what's in your pantry/fridge at home and help you budget your food costs.  It doesn't have to be expensive to eat healthy.


Get Moving

This is one of my goals in get people moving.  I have a hard time when I see adults, and children, with weight and health issues not getting up and doing something.  It doesn't mean you have to go out and run a marathon, it can be as simple as a short walk each day.   I encourage people to incorporate some level of strength work which can be adapted to any age or capability.   It builds muscle that keeps us strong to perform daily living functions, it makes us feel better mentally,  strengthens our heart muscle keeping us pumping (and alive!), and a host of other benefits including bone density, range of motion, increased confidence, oh, and I almost forgot...fat loss!


The Road to Health

To move towards a healthier you, you need to look at all aspects of your life. This entails your daily diet, exercise/movement, sleep, stress management, daily responsibilities and good old fun.  This is unique to each individual and forever changing, as new challenges arise and as you enter new stages of your life.  I'll work on finding that balance by looking at all of those aspects of your life and incorporating strategies to optimize your health and well-being.  


21 Day Sugar Detox Project -Group Online


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

In these 21 days we will get you off of that sugar band wagon.  You may not even realize how dependant you have become come on sugar, as sugar is hidden in many foods and certain foods break down into sugars very quickly and wreak havoc on our blood sugar/insulin balance.  Let me help you get off the crazy roller coaster and back to feeling fabulous and energized!  This includes some preparation management 7 days leading up to the challenge.  This is a group setting online, with a max of 30 people at a time.  If you sign up a friend, you will receive an extra week of personalized support. 


21 Day Sugar Detox Project - One-on-One Coaching


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This covers the same information as the group project above, except I work with you personally and provide you on-going e-mail and live support.  This is for the person who needs that extra day-to-day support, further explanation to background and nutritional basics to the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  This also includes 7 days of preparation support.  


Follow up 30 Days


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The 21 Day Sugar Detox and the Fats and All That both allow time to get you away from those cravings and to eating real whole foods.  Some people like having further support to help them maintain this on a regular basis.  In these 30 days we will keep you trucking on eating clean whole foods while tweaking things to make this fit for your life.  This can be easy, you just may need some extra help to get you there!  This includes new material, recipes and e-mail support.


Fats and All That - Keto Approach to Well-Being


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6- week project to get you eating real food while slowly transitioning to burning ketones (via fat) as your main fuel.  We will work on balancing your hormones and stress on the way, and once you're in ketosis, your whole body shifts into this optimum state where you have daily kick ass energy!

We break the 6 weeks into stages...the first 2 weeks is cleaning up your diet and balancing your blood sugar levels, weeks 3-4 will be transitioning you over to a keto-fat-adapted state.  And the last 2 weeks will be fine tuning what suits you.   This process makes this a manageable and successful transition to ketosis!


Pump Up Your Brain


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Noticing some signs of brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, memory issues or just want to increase your mental focus, or be more productive at work/home.  Or maybe you have a family history of mental illness or dementia, this would be the time to work on your neurological health.  Over 6 weeks we will assess your current well-being, look at your individual goals and make some adjustments and improvements to get you to your optimum brain frame.  


Invidivual Nutritional Counselling

C$ 300.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Have a specific goal for yourself or your child?... or just plain sick of feeling sick??.. Have a new diagnosis/health issue and want to improve the situation  with nutrition??...Need to kick it up a notch at the gym or your sport....I can help you improve your well-being.  I will complete a thorough assessment and derive a nutrition, lifestyle and supplemental plan to assist you/your child, to optimize your wellness.  I'll provide 8 weeks of support via e-mail and/or live video, and we'll re-assess as we progress.

Some products I use on a regular basis for our family

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