Which route do you want to take?

Ketogenic diet breakfast. fried egg, bacon and avocado, spinach and bulletproof coffee. Low carb high fat breakfast.

Fats and All That:  How to become fat-fuelled & well-balanced $250 (Nutritional Ketosis and Therapeutic Ketosis Route – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Cancer, Chronic Inflammation/Auto Immune Disorders)

Over 6 weeks, I will support you through a healthy transition into ketosis.  My methods are using whole clean foods and I transition you gradually so there’s not a negative impact on your body, including hormones and stress response.  I educate you on the importance of fats and explain which ones are good for you and of course which ones cause harm.  We delve into not only the food in relation to what macros to eat, and how much, but we also look into other aspects of your life like current stressors, what you do for fun and movement, all to gain a holistic approach to these changes.  You will find that once you’re into ketosis, the fat-fuelled machine you have become, comes with great benefits.  You have more energy, you sleep better, you lose unwanted body fat and your brain power is bar none! The Therapeutic Ketosis Approach is designed for people with chronic inflammation issues like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cancer or anyone looking to put a jump start to healing their Auto Immune Issue.

21 Day F2F Reset: 7 Days Prep + 21 Days $150

Are you experiencing….

  • mood imbalance
  • anger
  • brain fog
  • anxiety
  • headaches
  • joint pain
  • skin issues
  • afternoon energy slump
  • sleep issues
  • bloating and/or digestion issues
  • cravings

Then this program is for you.  I will assist you for 7 days prior, to prepare for the reset via e-mail and Facebook and then continue with daily e-mail & FB support throughout the 21 days.  I will give you tips and troubleshoot with you all of the way, all while you maintain accountability to a qualified Nutritional Coach.  It’s a great program to jump start what you’ve been putting off!

30 Day of Extra Support: After you have completed ‘Fats and All That’ or 21 Day F2F Reset $150

The two programs, Fats and All That and 21 Day Sugar Detox, both have substantial information and time to make important changes and transitions, but some people require that extra support.  This extra support not only helps you commit to the lifestyle changes, but to help find balance with these new choices.  I will assess your current lifestyle, determine if there are any obstacles that need to be addressed, and we will troubleshoot methods to overcome these for now and the future.  This should get you feeling comfortable with your new choices and making them everyday habits. This support will be offered by e-mail, phone or live FB/zoom for the 30 days.

Carnivore: 21 Days Eating Animal Products $150

Yes, you read that correctly….21 Days of just eating animal products. This is the ultimate elimination diet. Who is this for??… Someone newly diagnosed with an Auto Immune Disease, has a flare up in symptoms with an already diagnosed Auto Immune Disease, your body seems to be over-inflamed (aches, pains, bloating, just not feeling like yourself) and for those who have the love of meat and are needing a little jump start/clean up to your diet. Check this site (https://healthprep.com/articles/fitness-nutrition/health-benefits-carnivore-diet/) out for some of the great benefits. This doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment, it can be just the 21 days. I will support you through this journey and then an additional 14 days after to help you re-introduce foods into your diet.

Fasting and Furious: 6 weeks to guided fasting protocols $350

In these 6 weeks, we will work on balancing your blood sugar levels first, some nutrition education and then we’ll slowly implement different fasting protocols to help re-set your metabolic functions. I will support you through every fast, and help you to understand the importance of why eating and ‘not eating’ has on your health. There is a balance between the two and typically these days, we are in an overfed state, so we need to re-set our bodies to function in a non-fed state as well. And remember I won’t be starving you….starvation and fasting are two different states.

“Midlife and Marvellous: Crisis Averted” Re-Boot $400

This is for that woman/man that has been busy the last several years raising kids and/or working from home/building careers and suddenly realize they’re not the person they were 10, 12, 15 years ago. You’re not feeling the greatest, you’ve packed on a few pounds, you’re short-tempered, not all that happy, experiencing decreased libido, menopause/andropause is sneaking in…well guess what, I can help you gain back that energy and that sparkle that you once had! Over 8 weeks we will look at what’s going on in your life, make some changes, balance some hormones, work on stress and get you on that road to “This is the me I remember!”

Midlife & Marvellous: DUTCH interpretation $600 (+ cost of DUTCH)

All of the above is included in this program, plus a full interpretation of the DUTCH and an individualized protocol based on your results. The program will carry on for 12 weeks, in order to check in and make some adjustments as you incorporate some of the strategies we discuss.

Health Concern: 6 weeks to optimize your health $300

This could be for you, or your child.  After a thorough assessment, I will guide you through a holistic approach to optimize you, or your child’s, health. I can analyze bloodwork and help guide you to an improved state of health.

Pantry, Kitchen, Household & Toiletry Overhaul $125

Need help to overhaul your kitchen, household cleaners and daily toiletries…I can help. This is nice to do in person, but it has also been successful by sending me detailed pictures of your fridge, pantry, cleaning supplies, laundry detergents and your toiletries/make up. We can come up with a plan to slowly have you implementing natural-safe products for you and your family.

Interested in any of these services??? Contact me via foods2fit.josephine@gmail.com and we’ll get you set up